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I feel like death. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you all about it eventually, until then, just bear with me here.


After poking over this blog I’ve realized it needs much more then a new theme. I will be updating information as I am able, please be patient!

Cleaning, in 2 Minutes Bursts

I honestly hate cleaning a good portion of the time. That’s not even bringing my chronic illness into play!

Horrific Knits

cleaning-station-223204_1280 I have no idea why this was tagged as cleaning on Pixabay. But it amuses me.

Bear with me.

I know that a lot of people are going to cross their eyes and wonder what sort of weirdness I’ve gotten into this time-or truly how deep does my laziness run.

I’m a terrible person to ask cleaning advice from. I’m a horrible housekeeper. I’m not a horrible housekeeper the way that bloggers say that they are and mean ‘I haven’t bleached the grout in the last 15 minutes, take my blogging card away from me until I get my act together, lawl, lawl’-when I say it I full and truly mean I’m a slob.

Contrary to what people will sometimes whisper I’m not a hoarder. My issue isn’t with throwing stuff away or getting rid of things. I just hate cleaning with the passion of a thousand burning suns. I…

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Christmas Stocking – Free Pattern

Yarny goodness!

Baaad Anna's: not your mama's yarn store

If you celebrate christmas and you want to knit a stocking to hang in your house – or to fill with some great goodies then check out this free pattern we just published on ravelry!  It is a quick knit that we knit using the Briggs and Little Super! We used only 1 skein of red and 1 skein of white and knit this up in an evening!

Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking

Our in house teacher Hilary Jones designed this fantastic pattern, and is a great pattern if you are interested in learning socks! Come check out all the fantastic colours we have in stock to make your very own stocking out of!

Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking

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Crafting – March 2nd, 2013

Put together a batch of Gluten Free sour dough starter. Will see how it goes and write a post about it if all is well.

Started embroidery, making a small rose to start. Will post pictures later.

Created my first embroidery pattern. It’s simple but I’m all excited about it. Can be found at my Etsy shop, Under A Northern Sky.

Reposting since it involves SAHM’s.

Dr. Jen Gunter

My boys were 8 months old when their oxygen benefits ran out.

It’s a bit dystopian in that Total Recall kind of way (the first film where they turn the oxygen off, not the second one). I mean run out of oxygen benefits? What kind of demon dreams this shit up? It’s one thing to say you must have a generic medication, but it’s another to say, “Sorry ma’am, your kids are simply out of air. Better luck next go round.”

And holy crap, what if you actually needed more oxygen than the 1/4 liter per hour my kids needed? Many adults need 1-2 liters/hour. So what does that translate into? A couple of weeks and then, “Hey buddy, you’re on your own!”

I went from stunned to a, “It figures”. I mean the medical insurance provided to the faculty at the University of Colorado in 2004 was shitty. I…

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