Glennon Melton: Friendly Fire

I’ve recently discovered this lovely author. Strangely enough my discovery of her coincided nicely with my final decision to stay home and do my best not to feel guilty about it. This is a great article she wrote on being a working mom versus a stay at home mom, how each comes with it’s own set of challenges, and how other women really should not be beating each other up about each individual’s own decision. My thought’s on the subject are pretty much the same. I used to consider myself a feminist and still do in some ways. One of the many things that drove me away from it was the derision towards woman who want to be homemakers and have a “traditional” female role.

I railed against my desire for this for many years and I think it did a lot of damage to parts of my self esteem. I’m working on fixing those right now. So enjoy my friends! And check out her site Momastery, I love it.

Glennon Melton: Friendly Fire.

via Glennon Melton: Friendly Fire.


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