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November 2014

Christmas Stocking – Free Pattern

Yarny goodness!

Baaad Anna's: not your mama's yarn store

If you celebrate christmas and you want to knit a stocking to hang in your house – or to fill with some great goodies then check out this free pattern we just published on ravelry!  It is a quick knit that we knit using the Briggs and Little Super! We used only 1 skein of red and 1 skein of white and knit this up in an evening!

Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking

Our in house teacher Hilary Jones designed this fantastic pattern, and is a great pattern if you are interested in learning socks! Come check out all the fantastic colours we have in stock to make your very own stocking out of!

Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking

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Crab Apple Pectin

Near my home there is a large crab apple tree. I never noticed that it was a crab apple but had noticed the tree itself. I was overjoyed when I realized what it was. I had originally planned to ferment some of them on the counter, not for booze but as a pickle of sorts. There had been talk of it in a fermentation group I am in on Facebook.

Life being busy this time of year I didn’t get out to the tree for a good four weeks. The fruit was still firm, some still with a pink blush but they were very spotty. I decided to use them for pectin instead. I didn’t use any one recipe in particular, just read through a few on Pinterest and Google.
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Pileated Woodpecker

This is the third day in a row this beautiful fellow has come to eat. As you can see I need to refill!


Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve started making Apple Cider Vinegar. I will update as things move along.


Today’s Offerings

Started on a giant batch of banana bread. Made one plain loaf and a whole bunch of muffins that I added chocolate chips too. Polish style potato pancakes for dinner. I smother mine in sour cream, my partner smothers his in sugar. Still so much to do. I had some fond memories of my maternal great grandmother as I fried the cakes in bacon fat. One of my distinct memories of my young life is her collecting bacon grease in a big silver coffee can on the stove top.

Coming up will be posts on Jun, Kombucha, preserving lemons and making pectin. Yay for apple season!







I have these little sweet peppers I bought for this chili cook off. I only used a handful or two. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of them. Any ideas?


Autumn Bounty

The pumpkin seed feast began today. I have considerably less then last year but we had mostly small pumpkins this time. I also tossed a bunch, I haven’t been feeling well and wanted to lighten my workload a bit. I’ve been reading a lot about fermenting and soaking. I soaked the seeds for 12 hours in salted water and then dried then at about 150F for approximately four hours. The length of time is due more to having a toddler then anything else. I don’t know if the soak will make the seeds themselves any more digestible but it did make the outer shell much more palatable!


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