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Dr. Jen Gunter

My boys were 8 months old when their oxygen benefits ran out.

It’s a bit dystopian in that Total Recall kind of way (the first film where they turn the oxygen off, not the second one). I mean run out of oxygen benefits? What kind of demon dreams this shit up? It’s one thing to say you must have a generic medication, but it’s another to say, “Sorry ma’am, your kids are simply out of air. Better luck next go round.”

And holy crap, what if you actually needed more oxygen than the 1/4 liter per hour my kids needed? Many adults need 1-2 liters/hour. So what does that translate into? A couple of weeks and then, “Hey buddy, you’re on your own!”

I went from stunned to a, “It figures”. I mean the medical insurance provided to the faculty at the University of Colorado in 2004 was shitty. I…

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