Welcome to my newest blog. Here I will document my adventures in becoming a homemaker and stay at home mom. I will do my best to update weekly, if not daily…or sometimes more than once a day! I go on cooking or crafting rampages sometimes. Each project will get its own post.

This will be an interesting journey for me and a coming home of sorts. As a child and young girl happiness for me was a partner, babies, and being able to stay at home and take care of them. Family was everything to me. We took care of some ducks for a few weeks for friends of ours, little baby ducks. I knew then I wanted livestock. As I grew older and moved into my teens a funny thing happened. I wonder sometimes if my health and my body drive the choices I make in life. I was 15 when my knees blew out. This combined with being angsty teenager altered my aspirations a bit. I still wanted babies but the partner I could take or leave. I raged that marriage was slavery and that I would never be “under the yoke” of any man. Rather than a homemaker I would be a writer. After that I got lost for a little while. It’s taken me almost 10 years to come back to the beginning so to speak. A new but familiar road. You can read more about me in the “About” section.

So pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy the ride! Your comments, stories, encouragement and thoughts are always welcome.